Opening Statement

Swedish director Victor Sjöström was already established as a film director in his native land, but it surely is no coincidence that The Phantom Carriage came in the wake of Caligari. In the film, an alcoholic named David Holm dies at the stroke of 12 on New Year’s Eve and must now serve as Death’s vassal — by Patrick Brown, October 24, 2017

Evolution of a Soul

We see the soul of David Holm, a drunken man, as corrupted. The film portrays this stereotype for us and then slowly unravels it. We learn about David’s past—how he took to drink and lost his family, how his shame and fear prevented him from being able to repent for these things, and asks whether his salvation will be able to come or if it is already too late — by Marcus Emanuel, October 25, 2017

Streaming Survey: Silent Horror

Halloween weekend brings many horror film opportunities and there is no shortage of them streaming online—there is even an entire streaming service dedicated to the best horror films out there. But in tribute of this week's film, the fantastic The Phantom Carriage, what better way to spend this weekend with the best of creepy and spooky films from the silent era? — by Aaron Pinkston, October 26, 2017

Filmography: Victor Sjöström

Thanks to its recent restoration and its release on disc by the Criterion Collection, The Phantom Carriage is probably the best-known film directed by Victor Sjöström among today’s film-lovers. In his heyday, though, the man who was known in the United States as Victor Seastrom was most renowned for his successful Hollywood melodramas — by Patrick Brown, October 27, 2017