Opening Statement

The Magnificent Seven holds a strange place in cinema history. It will likely never be as highly regarded as its Japanese inspiration, but is just as beloved and has become an inspiration in its own right – by Aaron Pinkston, September 19, 2016

East Meets West: Restoring Social Order Through Mythmaking

In 1960, John Sturges's tribute to John Ford’s cinema legacy would bring American mythology back for one last ride into glory—it just took a story originally set in feudal Japan to do it – by Zachary Davis, September 20, 2016

First Viewing

Before I start watching a Western, I’m always convinced I’ll hate it. I can’t explain where this aversion came from. It’s certainly not rooted in reason – by Alex Moore, September 21, 2016

Further Streaming: Top-Notch Remakes

If you're looking for remakes along the lines of the original Magnificent Seven you don't need to go too far. Various streaming services feature these five titles that are rather excellent and make for every interesting counterpoints to their originals – by John Gilpatrick, September 22, 2016

Related Review: The Magnificent Seven [2016]

The Magnificent Seven is almost a remake in name only. The snazzy hook of having seven exceptional gunslingers brought together is probably all that really matters – by Aaron Pinkston, September 23, 2016