Opening Statement

There are a lot of reasons to love The African Queen, and many reasons it is considered a classic. But it’s Africa that really makes the film come alive. If it were shot on a soundstage, it would still be a good movie. But I don’t think it would be a great movie – by Felicia Elliott, January 16, 2017

In Context: World War I in Africa

What was going on in sub-Saharan Africa during World War I? Was the local population really pressed into service by the German military? I seek to answer these burning questions on the context of The African Queen – by Alex Moore, January 17, 2017

Rising Above Nature

The African Queen has always stood out to me for not just its sense of adventure, but for the heat and sweat that’s captured on camera coming off of both Bogart and Hepburn, and for the knowledge that just off-camera, Huston is smoking a stogie and waiting to yell “Cut!” – by Zachary Davis, January 18, 2017

Filmography: Late Career of Katharine Hepburn

As Hepburn moved past The African Queen, she went on a roll with some of the most towering and well received performances of her career. Though many of her most loved films may have come during the screwball era, she became an absolute Oscar dynamo in the coming years – by Aaron Pinkston, January 18, 2017

Related Review: In a Lonely Place

We remember his coolness and gruffness, a steely demeanor and a quick wit. But it’s his turn as Dixon Steele in the 1950 film In a Lonely Place that shows us what might be the most vulnerable version of Bogart – by Sarah Gorr, January 19, 2017