Opening Statement

Food. It’s a core part of every life and every culture. No matter where you’re born or how you’re brought up, you celebrate, you grieve, you argue, you make friends, and you fall in love over food – by Alex Moore, January 9, 2017

A Cultural Guide to Tampopo

Tampopo is a movie that stands astride the globe, plastering smiles on people of all creeds and cultures. One could walk into Tampopo without any knowledge of Japanese food or culture and walk away satiated. Still, knowing a bit about Japan helps – by Alex Moore, January 10, 2017

First Viewing

Two of my favorite things are movies and food, and I become very happy when those two things are combined. Especially if I can eat and watch a movie about food all at the same time. That happened when I watched Tampopo for the first time recently – by Felicia Elliott, January 10, 2017

Lessons for an Endangered Species

What we’re seeing more of today are films doing away with the risk of pushing audiences out of their comfort zones so they can keep investors within their own, and that way of operating has led to the sort of malaise that makes people question the vitality of cinema – by C.J. Prince, January 11, 2017

Related Review: The Kentucky Fried Movie

If you were to list and rank every cinematic genre, sketch movie would come pretty damn close to the bottom. Not only are there so few films that it barely registers as a genre at all, most of them range from “shrug” to “terrible” – by Aaron Pinkston, January 12, 2017

Further Streaming: Food Movies

Food may still be a difficult subject for narrative films to broach, though there are plenty of notable examples that are currently and easily accessible. Please enjoy this tasting menu of food films available on the various streaming platforms or to rent – by Aaron Pinkston, January 13, 2017