Opening Statement

So look: you can either have the courage to evaluate Southland Tales on its own terms or you can retreat to the muck and slime of the cowards’ gutter, shrouding yourself beneath the flame-retardant trauma blanket of one of film culture’s laziest Default Smart Opinions – by Matt Warren, August 29, 2016

The Forum

In this edition of The Forum, Cinessential editors Aaron PinkstonSarah Gorr and John Gilpatrick met with Southland Tales week lead contributor Matt Warren to chat about their reactions to the controversial film, their favorite characters, scenes and more – August 29, 2016

The Weird Predictive Power of Southland Tales

We’ll see how much of this remains right or wrong in the coming years, but for now, here’s what Richard Kelly and Southland Tales got right, what it might still get right, and what it got horribly, horribly wrong – by John Gilpatrick, August 30, 2016

Filmography: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

An actor with incredible instincts, Johnson’s performance is one of his first true experiments with film acting, leaving the world of brainless action pictures behind for something far more challenging – by Josh Brunsting, August 31, 2016

Related Review: The Box

The Box is yet to reenter the cinematic consciousness---it was a lower profile failure, but a failure nonetheless. Perhaps it is time to start talking about this strange thriller again – by Aaron Pinkston, September 1, 2016

Further Streaming: Reevaluated, Rediscovered, Reconsidered

As Southland Tales continues to find a new audience and post-release fame, it joins a long list of failed films which are now considered an integral part of cinema history – by Aaron Pinkston, September 2, 2016