Opening Statement

Scrooged is a prime example of 1980s optimism. When I try to imagine a similar movie being released today I just can’t. I think that’s why I like Scrooged so much. It feels good to watch something so unabashedly heartfelt in today’s cynical, divided world — by Felicia Elliott, December 18, 2017

A Soulless Christmas

I love Christmas. I am a sentimental creature year round, but that aspect of my personality is only amplified over the holidays. And it’s that facet of who I am that makes it impossible for me to like Scrooged — by Sarah Gorr, December 19, 2017

In Cynical Defense

But for all the hypocrisy of this movie, it has the advantage over other Christmas movies in that it shows us, even if unintentionally, a glimpse of the real world. Christmas is a field day for corporate executives and shareholders, who profit off of the drive they create in us to consume, and to consume beyond our means — by Patrick Brown, December 20, 2017

In Context: A Christmas Adaptation

Some stories linger in the cultural psyche for hundreds of years, repeatedly shaping and being shaped by the societies that encounter them. A Christmas Carol, though stands apart from many of these influential stories in that it’s tightly associated with a specific day — by Alex Moore, December 21, 2017

Related Review: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Just as we may have been ready for another new adaptation of A Christmas Carol, director Bharat Nalluri decided to do something a little differently, while still trying to capture the spirit and messages of the beloved classic—taking of Les Standiford’s 2008 non-fiction book The Man Who Invented Christmas — by Aaron Pinkston, December 22, 2017