Opening Statement

I’m not sure I even watched Home Alone an inordinate number of times. But it has always stuck with me. Whenever I revisit I instantly remember every scene, every great line of dialogue in the way that only comes with connection with a film when you were young – by Aaron Pinkston, December 19, 2016

The Oddest Christmas Classic

There’s a basic formula to most Christmas movies. Home Alone is a Christmas movie in that it sort of follows that basic formula, but that’s really about it. It also breaks a lot of Christmas rules – by Felicia Elliott, December 20, 2016

Filmography: John Hughes

That John Hughes might be almost solely responsible for not only the way high school is depicted today, but even for the way we think about the high-school experience only sounds like an overstatement – by Sarah Gorr, December 21, 2016

Related Review: The Santa Claus

Released four years after Home Alone, the 10-year-old version of me was perhaps a bit too world-weary for John Pasquin’s Disney produced The Santa Clause. Over the years, the family comedy has lived in the second tier of Christmas classics and I’ve never been compelled to revisit the film – by Aaron Pinkston, December 22, 2016

Further Streaming: Alternative Christmas

Die Hard and Gremlins have become the most beloved cornerstones of the "Alternative Christmas" subgenre, but there is a wide variety of offerings to stream—acerbic comedies, mind-bending science fiction, and bloody horror flicks can all get into the holiday spirit – by Aaron Pinkston, December 23, 2016

The Cinessential Podcast, Episode 6

Just in time for Christmas, Cinessential editors Aaron PinkstonSarah Gorr, and special guest Felicia Elliott talk Home Alone. Topics include: the debate if Home Alone is a Christmas film, our favorite booby traps, John Hughes and Chris Columbus, and the unfortunate sequel – December 24, 2016