Opening Statement

With its heady exploration of identity, memory, and the ethical grey areas of cybernetics and our dependence on technology, Ghost in the Shell is a classic film that will entertain casual viewers while challenging those that want to dive deep into the realms of philosophy and technology. – by Christopher Siler, July 25, 2016

Body Anxiety: Japan's Philosophy of Body and Soul

Who am I? What makes me, me? These are the types of mysteries that have obsessed mankind for at least as long as we’ve kept records. – by Alex Moore, July 25, 2016

First Viewing

Anime was never something I gravitated toward. My only experience with it was Miyazaki’s oeuvre, which has basically nothing in common with Oshii’s movie. So I dove into this seminal piece of cyberpunk head-first and completely blind. – by Sarah Gorr, July 26, 2016

Augmented Reality: Closing in on a Vision

The world of 2016 isn’t quite the striking technological marvel of Ghost in the Shell, but we’re closing in on that vision rapidly. – by Jonathan Lester, July 27, 2016

Related Review: The Animatrix

Ghost in the Shell was an inspiration to many sci-fi films, including the non-animated dystopian set The Matrix. The direct line of influence led to an anthology anime which provides context to its popular sci-fi world. – by Aaron Pinkston, July 28, 2016

Further Streaming

Love Ghost in the Shell? Check out our recommendations for films that further explore the anime's complicated themes, from big budget Hollywood films to other influential anime. – by Max Covill, July 29, 2016