Opening Statement

This Tuesday, Americans have to make perhaps their most important decision. To ignore the catastrophic political and governmental future of this country, the low-stakes [but dark in its own way] high school student council presidential election of Alexander Payne’s Election is a welcomed distraction – by Aaron Pinkston, November 7, 2016

Related Review: The War Room

The War Room is a landmark documentary, unique in the depth it provides in a world so rarely seen. Even as the process has become more transparent and on the 24-hour news cycle, it is refreshing to how a campaign works without the inevitable spin and over-analyzation – by Aaron Pinkston, November 8, 2016

Alexander Payne and the Original Normcore

Alexander Payne has staked his career on depicting not heroes or losers, heartthrobs or desperate wannabes, but the solidly middle-of-the-road. His persons of interest are the aggressively normal, with all their attendant flaws and mild idiosyncrasies – by Maddie Freeman, November 9, 2016

Further Streaming: 2016 in a Nutshell

The long running joke of the year has been that 2016 must surely be one of the worst years on record. It’s been a year full of scandals, death, destruction, and fear. Every breaking story seems to feel like further proof that 2016 has been, in a word, awful, and it’s not even over yet – by Sarah Gorr, November 11, 2016

The Cinessential Podcast, Episode 3

In our third episode, John GilpatrickSarah Gorr, and Aaron Pinkston dive deep into Alexander Payne's Election. Topics include: Hillary Clinton / Tracy Flick comparisons, the film's complicated stance on feminism, Alexander Payne's filmography, and more!