Opening Statement

Time called the A Star Is Born “Just about the greatest one-woman show in modern movie history” and I mostly agree with them, if they take out the “just about” part – by Felicia Elliott, September 12, 2016

Born Again: A Brief History of A Star Is Born

The story strikes at the core of American fame. There is something about it that begs to be told again and again, each generation eager to remake it in the aesthetics of their time – by Mark Levine, September 12, 2016

First Viewing

A Star is Born is one of the defining movies of beloved icon Judy Garland and it has taken me all of my 31 years to see it. Knowing more about the actress’ personal life than the movie I was about to see, I settled in for some bittersweet viewing – by Jonathan Lester, September 13, 2016

Filmography: Judy Garland

When people talk or write about Judy Garland, there’s almost always an undertone of “Poor Judy.” It’s not undeserved – by Felicia Elliott, September 14, 2016

Related Review: Easter Parade

I’ve been humming the tunes from Easter Parade all week, but I can barely remember what the film’s about. My head’s filled with the Judy Garland’s smile and Fred Astaire’s nimble dancing, but the plot seems to have slid right out of my head upon finishing the movie – by Alex Moore, September 15, 2016

Further Streaming: Hollywood in Hollywood

It’s only natural that Hollywood has had a long love affair with making movies about movies---what’s surprising is how compelling movies about movies can be – by Aaron Pinkston, September 16, 2016